Our Founders

Bishop Norris & Lady Doreen Gordon

After several years of laboring faithfully in the church that he attended with his family in Tampa, FL, Bishop Gordon received the call of God to plant a new community church in the area of Clair Mel City. While in prayer, Bishop Gordon received a vision from the Lord which directed him to stand before the people and “take them to the mountain top.” Bishop Gordon sought the Lord for confirmation of his will and was led by the Holy Ghost to Genesis 35:7. It was from this scripture that the name of the church was derived.
El-Bethel which means The God of the house".

In February 2019 Bishop Norris and Lady Doreen was led by the Lord to transition El Bethel Church to the associate pastor after 21 years of ministry. Pastor Dexter & Lady Sophia Gordon now serve as the senior pastor of El Bethel and are submitted to the call of the Lord.
El Bethel Church exist to Connect people to God, Grow strong relationship, Serve the community and Reach the world with the Gospel.